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I am passing along the success that I have obtained in business and life to invest in people.  I am partnering, investing my time/money, and providing solutions for YOU to reach your dreams.  


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We are Equalizers for your business in a tech world where prices are high and good marketing is hard to fine.  Read my understand how we are positioned to help other reach their dreams.

My Story

I am a little kid from a small southern town in Georgia called Warner Robins; I dreamed BIG!  I accomplished all of my dreams by 40 years of age.  I asked my spirit now, what...and the response was DREAM AGAIN.  So I did and TAPhelps Brands were born with a goal of creating, investing in, and partnering with 50 businesses by the age of 50. 

I learned to not chase dreams, but to be a "Dream Catcher".  My story is core foundation to my life; I am the writer and architect of my life believing that we should all own our story.  After a life time of success and "good" failures, I have learned and studied how to catch your dreams, then dream bigger.  

I have developed programs based on my life and business success.  I am an award winning military veteran, C-Level executive, multi-millionaire, entrepreneur to name a few.  In my next chapter of life I am looking to pay it forward; to bless as I have been blessed.  I invested my own money, time, and energy into building TAPhelps Brands to provide resources for dreamers to grow and develop in reaching your dreams.  I invested in software to offer affordable technology to entrepreneurs.  I AM INVESTED IN YOU!  That is the next chapter of my story.

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